Building a Front-End Development Community at Work

Change Is Hard

Peoples Is Hard

Building a Community is Changing People

Our Story Starts in the Fall of 2014

We Had a Sense of Urgency

We Have Individuals Set Up to Lead

We Have a Unified Vision

We Share Our Vision Through Our Actions

We Empower Our Members

We’ve Had Small, Quick Wins

Small Wins Fed Big Changes

We’ve Anchored Our Changes in What’s Being Adopted


[I]t's not simply the FED community at IBM that has benefited... engineering as a whole has prospered at IBM.

Bringing It Together

  • Establish a Sense of Urgency
  • Create a Guiding Coalition
  • Develop a Vision and Strategy
  • Communicate the Vision
  • Empower Employees for Action
  • Generate Sort-Term Wins
  • Use Smaller Gains to Power Larger Ones
  • Anchor New Approaches in the Culture